Rock Quality

Rock Quality Designation (RQD) is a measure of the quality of rock taken from a borehole, based on the frequency of fracturing and size of rock segments.

The conventional RQD process involves painstaking manual measurements of every piece of core. Calculations then need to be made to determine core quality based on minimum segment sizes as well as overall core recovery percentages. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process.

The GeologicAI system can easily identify and measure each core segment and automate QRD calculations based on any rule set. The GeologicAI software allows for easy checking and adjustment of all measurements including selecting between natural and drillers fractures and dealing with compression and expansion. The system also automates depth correction, including locking segments to drilling block depth.


In a matter of minutes, a 100m core can have RQD completed and ready for export or viewing without manual measurements or calculations.