Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity is an excellent data source to determine commodity weight in exploration; however, it is a laborious and time-consuming task done in the core shack. Thankfully, there is an easier and frankly less messy way to define Specific Gravity derived from core scanning.

GeologicAI uses XRF count data from the Helium XRF to calculate mineral volumes, and then multiplies the known mineral densities by the volume of mineral from the XRF to define density. Lastly the derived density curve from the last step is divided by the density of water to make the specific gravity curve. 

The same steps are used with our SWIR mineral volumes. Studies completed with far less extensive Mineral identification than GeologicAI have shown results derived from this methodology are generally within ±10 % of the true Specific Gravity value. The frequency of sample points can be adjusted to any scale of our clients liking, and like all our data exportable.